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Welcome to the official website of the Immigration and Asylum Office (hereinafter referred to as ’Office’).  This webpage includes all important information on privacy – in accordance with Law CXII of Year 2011 on the right to informational self-determination and freedom of information – with regard to our website.

Please note that certain personal data are collected during your visit to the website.

In the context of maintaining internet connection, technical details of the computer, web browser and IP address you are using are automatically generated in our IT system. Additionally, our Office stores data which you provide when contacting us via email. Such data includes name, email address and other contact information provided by you.

The purpose of data processing is to identify and distinguish users, to identify current user sessions, to store data provided during the session, to prevent data loss and to ensure possibility for conducting web analytics.

Processing of your personal data is proportionate to the extent necessitated for using the services of the website and is conducted in full compliance with the legal provisions in force.

Office staff has access to the data processed in the context of visiting the website solely for the performance of their duties, and to the extent necessitated for ensuring the service you requested, answering your inquiries and addressing your observations.

Data, which are processed by the Office as a result of visiting the website, shall not be transferred to third parties - except for requests, set out in the law, from an authority with specified and explicit purposes - by the Office.

The Office shall make all reasonable security steps in accordance with the current technical and legal expectations to protect your personal information.


You may lodge a complaint in relation to data processing:

Post: 1903 Budapest, Pf. 314.

Phone: (+36 1) 463 9118

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



    If you use this program, you can fill in the form electronically and check if all necessary answers were given by you. In addition, the completed form can be saved and printed on your own computer. The function is optimized for Word 2007. If you do not have this program on your computer, you can download the forms in pdf format from the information sheet of the head menu.
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    If you use the online booking system, you can get assistance in your case without standing in line, as a competent desk officer will be designated to handle your case at one of our customer service offices at the reserved time. For better visualisation, we recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers.

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    Provision available in the event of a residence permit for an indefinite period of stay

    If you answer the questions, you can find out what kind of application for residence permit you should submit within 3 minutes, and you will also find all the information related to the selected application type at the end of the questionnaire.
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    The purpose of the Application:

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You can send your questions or comments to the Office via this web-site quickly and easily. Please, fill in the gaps, thus enhancing the accurate and quick response!


As it was specified by law the official decisions, which procedures started after 1 November 2005, are announced on the website of the Office of Immigration and Nationality.


If you want to book an appointment, you should register on the online reservation system, but other functions of the website are available without registering.