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Family members of a Hungarian national are:
• the spouse of a Hungarian national;
• the minor child (including adopted and foster children) of a Hungarian spouse where the spouse has parental custody;
• a person having and exercising parental custody of a Hungarian minor child and living in the same household as the Hungarian national

Family members of an EEA national are:
• the spouse of an EEA national;
• the descendants of an EEA national and those of the spouse of an EEA national who are under the age of 21 years or are dependents;
• the dependent ascendents of an EEA national and those of the spouse of an EEA national, as well as
• any person whose entry and residence has been authorised by the competent immigration authority as a family member;
• the partner with whom the EEA national has entered into a registered partnership before the relevant Hungarian authority or the authority of another Member State of the European Union

Council Directive 2003/109/EC of 25 November 2003 concerning the status of third-country nationals who are long-term residents
The Council Directive 2003/109/EC determines:
(a) the terms for conferring and withdrawing long-term resident status granted by a Member State in relation to third-country nationals legally residing in its territory, and the rights pertaining thereto; and
(b) the terms of residence in Member States other than the one which conferred long-term status on them for third-country nationals enjoying that status.

Provision available in the event of a residence permit for an indefinite period of stay

If you answer the questions, you can find out what kind of application for residence permit you should submit within 3 minutes, and you will also find all the information related to the selected application type at the end of the questionnaire.

The purpose of the Application:

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